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Do you want an Adventure Park?

That is one of several things we sought to find out at yesterday's pop-up! Team members from Landworks Studio paid a visit to the Community Center during the AmeriCorps Ice Cream Social to present information about the Imagine Liberty 2032 Parks and Recreation Master Plan, as well as, get their thoughts and feedback on adding amenities such as adventure parks, walking and biking trails, and indoor sports facilities.

We spoke with nearly every person in attendance and received fantastic ideas on Liberty's current amenities, as well as, future amenities and programs that residents would like to see. The feedback we've gotten at each event has been insightful and consistent. This information is helpful to us as we continue to develop the master plan that will guide Liberty Parks and Rec over the next 10 years. There is still plenty of time left in this process and a chance (or several) that you'll see us pop up again at another community event soon. Be sure to say hi if you see us -- we'll be the ones with the poster boards.

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